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Or let go of the only woman who revs his engine into the stratosphere? Blaze Books - Uniformly Hot! Author Websites and Blogs. Reckless Pleasures by Tori Carrington. Absence makes the longing harder Six months apart is a long time. For security expert Megan McGowan, it feels like forever since she's felt the strong arms of Darius Folsom around her. Since Dari's military deployment six months ago, every minute apart is another minute that Megan finds herself tempted… Bad boy Jason Savage is Dari's best friend— and a partner in the new private security firm Dari and Megan have formed.

Only as Megan and Jason work closely together on an emotionally charged case, the attraction between them goes from hot to nuclear meltdown. But even as Megan's libido screams "Oh, yes! Blaze Books - The Pleasure Seekers series. LoveBookLists Home Page. Wanted: One hot cowboy Party organizer Tyler O'Connelli is on the fast track to her dream career. She's so close she can almost taste it. But when she returns to her family and sees her one-night stand, Alex Keller, all done up in his cowboy gear, her self-control is stretched to the breaking point… They're worlds apart.

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She's a busy career girl, and Alex is a cowboy. But while getting together might not bode well for anything long-term, it more than makes up for it in sheer hot chemistry! Problem is, this is one wrangler she might want to get tied down—and tied up—to…indefinitely! Blaze Books - Sons of Chance series.

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Hot to the Touch by romance author Isabel Sharpe. It's not just finding Mr.

Right, or even Mr. Right Now. Sometimes a girl just needs Mr. Restauranteur Darcy Clark doesn't have time for love, romance or even these days, anyway sex.

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But she's never one to turn down a delicious dish…especially one as hot as Troy Cahill! Troy has never been so sure of anything. He has never wanted a woman this badly. But Darcy isn't just some conquest. He'll have to earn her trust…one delicious, exquisite night at a time! Blaze Books - Checking E-Males series. Mine Until Morning by romance author Samantha Hunter. Tessa Rose is intoxicating to bodyguard Jonas Berringer.

But not simply because she has an intimate knowledge of aphrodisiac scents. Nor is it because she's forbidden fruit: a client, the boss's daughter. Though both things help… But Jonas thinks he has nothing to offer Tessa, not after a moment of lost focus costs Jonas his sight. But when Tessa and Jonas find themselves alone during a blackout, they discover endless temptations in the dark.

Until morning, they'll just have to trust their other, heightened senses to see them through…. Blaze Books - 24 Hours: Blackout series. Or can she? When playboy billionaire Ajay is ready for real commitment, he thinks sexy, sensible Mallory is his woman. Too bad her only desire is to experience his prowess in bed!

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My Fake Fiancee by Nancy Warren. The Terms: Caterer Chelsea Hammond will live with insurance broker David Wolfe for three months in order for him to clinch a massive promotion. Newly returned from Paris, Chelsea will use his kitchen for her new catering business. Strictly business…. The Rules: 1. No kissing.

No kissing unless his boss is watching 2. No touching. Not too much touching 3. No sex. No sex, except for one really hot, satisfying night 4. No falling in love. Definitely no falling in love 5. The Ranger by Rhonda Nelson. In his bed… for good! Hot-Blooded by Karen Foley. But he does believe that women have no place in combat zones. Because men forget their training! Elena can handle herself. Mascot Bear on Facebook. Privacy Policy and Associations.

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This is a work in progress Toys for Christmas Cats? She looked at her baggage and tried to remember the days when she could survive three weeks in Thailand on a single pair of jeans, two t-shirts and a thong. And after that, a diaper bag. Now, it was an all-purpose carrier of everything from water bottles to chewing gum to, she suspected, a confiscated sling-shot and a half-eaten bag of Doritos.

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It was doing amazing things to her and she was old enough to be…well, his older sister. Or at the very least, his cool aunt.


She tried to quell a chuckle, but failed. She did indeed have a favorite gloss. It was a boring shade of taupe, but had just enough gold sparkle mixed in to make her feel pretty when she most needed it and a faint chocolate flavor that made it worth the trouble of application. He nodded, slung the overnight bag onto his shoulder, then tossed her big bag filled with jeans, sweaters, a couple of pairs of pants and one nice blouse, in addition to pajamas, belts and several selections of snacks, extra shampoos and antibacterial wipes into her minivan and slammed the door shut.

He fished her keys out of the noisiest pocket of her purse and pressed the lock function.