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It means: Judges must read and give effect to other laws in a way which is compatible with Convention rights. It is unlawful for a public authority to act in a way which is incompatible with a Convention right. What rights does the Human Rights Act protect? The right to life: protects your life, by law. The State is required to investigate suspicious deaths and deaths in custody. The prohibition of torture and inhuman treatment: you should never be tortured or treated in an inhuman or degrading way, no matter what the situation.

Protection against slavery and forced labour: you should not be treated like a slave or subjected to forced labour.

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The right to liberty and freedom: you have the right to be free and the State can only imprison you with very good reason — for example, if you are convicted of a crime. The right to a fair trial and no punishment without law: you are innocent until proven guilty. If accused of a crime, you have the right to hear the evidence against you in a court of law.

Respect for privacy and family life and the right to marry: protects against unnecessary surveillance or intrusion into your life. The Gazette.

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Life 1. The Hamilton Spectator.

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    Rolling Stone. Retrieved July 13, Thomas, Mike Complete list — — — — — — Namespaces Article Talk. How does your country fare? The Global Corruption Barometer GCB — Africa reveals that more than half of all citizens surveyed in 35 African countries think corruption is getting worse in their country. Is there still hope for the fight against corruption in Honduras? A group of men, dressed in black, faces covered by balaclavas, with no identifying numbers and heavily armed, burst into his home in a working-class district of the Venezuelan capital demanding to know the whereabouts of his brother.

    This is an important contribution to the monitoring of corruption in the country. For the first time, the GCB highlights data on sexual extortion, or sextortion, one of the most significant forms of gendered corruption. The Global Corruption Barometer - Latin America and the Caribbean reveals a worrying lack of political integrity, especially around electoral processes. Cases of corruption rarely seem to be out of the news in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    In the last few years alone, several high profile cases have sent shockwaves through the region.

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    Momentum has been building against corruption in the region, giving hope that that after decades of inaction things are changing across the region. Around the world, buying property is a favourite method for the corrupt to launder their ill-gotten gains. However, there are concrete measures that make it significantly more difficult for the corrupt to stash their dirty money in real estate. When they deliberate over amendments to the global wildlife trade regime, CoP18 must address impunity for illegal timber trafficking in Africa as a matter of high priority.

    A series of bi-lateral meetings and a proposed trade agreement present an opportunity for the US to promote rule of law and an independent judiciary in Mongolia.

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    A community in Sierra Leone has created powerful short videos documenting their experiences of corruption, forced evictions and a botched resettlement programme at the hands of a multinational diamond mining company. Supervisory and justice systems should be transparent and accountable so that the public can assess their performance.

    Reducing corruption is an important component of the sustainable development agenda, and one that all state parties have an obligation to address. In this piece, we will to look at various forms of political corruption, how they manifest in African countries and what can be done to promote political integrity. Global Corruption Barometer — Africa, released on African Anti-Corruption Day by Transparency International in partnership with Afrobarometer, reveals that more than half of all citizens surveyed in 35 African countries think corruption is getting worse in their country.

    Fifty-nine per cent of people think their government is doing badly at tackling corruption. Transparency International is extremely concerned by the dismissal of 17 judges in Mongolia last week. The not-guilty verdict issued in Panama on Friday in the trial of former president Ricardo Martinelli shows the extent of the judicial crisis in the country.