Manual A Critical Review of the 2004 Literature Preceded by Two Chapters on Current Heterocyclic Topics

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Moments Dipolaires et Quadripolaires - Published: Historisch-psychologische Wurdigung aller auf den Weltkrieg und die Zukunft des deutschen Volkes gerichteten Vorhersagungen - Published: Pigeauds Javaanse volksvertoningen en latere studies, - Project William S. Delivered in the House of Representatives, March 31, Teil: - Published: Universitat Jena. Thomas, fwd. Any details for further modifications and research should be included. Sufficient details should be provided to the reader about the original data source in order to enable the analysis, appropriateness and verification of the results reported in the study.

It is important for the Method Section should be sufficiently detailed in respect of the data presented, and the results produced from it. This section should include all the information and protocol gathered for the study at the time when it was being written.

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If the study is funded or financially supported by an organization to conduct the research, then it should be mentioned in the Method Section. Methods must be result-oriented.

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The statement regarding the approval by an independent local, regional or national review committee e. Repeated information should not be reported in the text of an article. A calculation section must include experimental data, facts and practical development from a theoretical perspective. The important and main findings of the study should come first in the Results Section. The tables, figures and references should be given in sequence to emphasize the important information or observations related to the research.

The repetition of data in tables and figures should be avoided. Results should be precise. This should explore the significance of the results of the work, present a reproducible procedure and emphasis the importance of the article in the light of recent developments in the field. Extensive citations and discussion of published literature should be avoided. Short sub- headings may be added in each section if required. A small paragraph summarizing the contents of the article, presenting the final outcome of the research or proposing further study on the subject, may be given at the end of the article under the Conclusion section.

Greek symbols and special characters often undergo formatting changes and get corrupted or lost during preparation of manuscript for publication. Authors are encouraged to consult reporting guidelines. These guidelines provide a set of recommendations comprising a list of items relevant to their specific research design.

In case there is a need to present lengthy, but essential methodological details, appendices must be used, which can be a part of the article. An appendix must not exceed three pages Times New Roman, 10 point font, max.

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The information should be provided in a condensed form, ruling out the need of full sentences. Any additional files will be linked to the final published article in the form supplied by the author, but will not be displayed within the paper. They will be made available in exactly the same form as originally provided only on our Web site. Please also make sure that each additional file is a single table, figure or movie please do not upload linked worksheets or PDF files larger than one sheet.

If abbreviations are used in the text either they should be defined in the text where first used, or a list of abbreviations can be provided. Authors must list the source s of funding for the study.

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This should be done for each author. All individuals listed as authors must have contributed substantially to the design, performance, analysis, or reporting of the work and are required to indicate their specific contribution. Guest or honorary authorship based solely on position e. The specific requirements for authorship have been defined by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors www. The corresponding author is responsible for obtaining permission from all co-authors for the submission of any version of the manuscript and for any changes in the authorship.

All clinical investigations should be conducted according to the Declaration of Helsinki principles. For all manuscripts reporting data from studies involving human participants, formal review and approval by an appropriate institutional review board or ethics committee are required. Editors may request that authors provide documentation of the formal review and recommendation from the institutional review board or ethics committee responsible for oversight of the study. The editors reserve the right to reject manuscripts that do not comply with the above-mentioned requirements.

The author will be held responsible for false statements or failure to fulfill the above-mentioned requirements. Anonymous images, that do not identify the individual directly or indirectly, such as through any identifying marks or text, do not require formal consent, for example, X-rays, ultrasound images, pathology slides or laparoscopic images. In case consent is not obtained, concealing the identity through eye bars or blurring the face would not be acceptable.

Authors should clearly state the name of the approval committee, highlighting that legal and ethical approvals were obtained prior to initiation of the research work carried out on animals, and that the experiments were performed in accordance with the relevant guidelines and regulations stated below. All experimental research on plants either cultivated or wild , should comply with international guidelines.

Unethical behavior and misconduct may be pointed out by anyone to the Editor and Publisher with sufficient evidences.

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The Editor, in consultation with the Publisher, will initiate investigation against this Unethical misconduct, complete the procedure till an unbiased decision is reached, and maintain confidentiality throughout the process of the investigation. The Author should be given the opportunity to reply to all minor or major accusations. In case of children, consent should be obtained from the parent or the legal guardian. A specific declaration of such approval and consent-to-disclose form must be made in the copyright letter and in a stand-alone paragraph at the end of the article especially in the case of human studies where inclusion of a statement regarding obtaining the written informed consent from each subject or subject's guardian is a must.

The original should be retained by the guarantor or corresponding author. Editors may request to provide the original forms by fax or email. HeLa cells being used in a research study as a serious problem. In order to ensure that validation of the work and proper utilization of resources. It is a prerequisite that correct reagents be used in studies dealing with established human tumor cell lines that have been cultured for more than 4 years up to the date of submission of the manuscript.

Cell lines such as short-term cultures of human tumors, murine cell lines as a catalog of DNA profiles is not yet available and tumor cell lines established in the course of the study that is being submitted, are presently exempt from this rule. These tests may help confirm or establish the identify profile for a cell line.

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Bentham Science recommends that all cell lines be authenticated prior to submitting a paper for review. Authors are therefore required to provide authentication of the origin and identity of the cells by performing cell profiling either in their own laboratory or by outsourcing an approved laboratory or cell bank. Authentication is required when a new line is established or acquired, before freezing a cell line, if the performance of the line is not consistent or results are unexpected, if using more than one cell line, and before publication of the study.