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With eyes open I found myself falling into the well. I had found my path. While attending school I learned several of my instructors had attended some deep tissue training called Zen Bodytherapy R. It was explained to me that this was bodywork and was different from massage. It was deeper, structural work similar to Rolfing R. These areas had been painful for me for several years now; all other forms of bodywork brought no relief.

Going into this second session, I was seriously contemplating not continuing with the work. The practitioner had worked some of the most painful spots in my body during the first session.

I wanted nothing more than to get away from the pain I was experiencing. The second session was no different. We went through the legs and feet, and again the pain was excruciating. On the drive home, as I ran through excuses I could use to cancel my next appointment, I stopped for gasoline.

I gingerly stepped out of the car expecting the bolts of pain in my shins, feet and back to be there as they had been for so long. I put weight on my left leg and nothing happened. I stood and nothing happened. I pumped my gas and experienced no foot or leg pain. I paid for my gas and got back into my car with no pain in the legs or feet and only a slight ache in my lower back.

Zen Bodytherapy is a comprehensive form of bodywork that combines energy, structure and function.

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He believed that over time your personal history built up in your body causing the connective tissue to become aberrant. He believed with manipulation of soft tissue and a willing client you could remove the body armoring. Chiropractic by M. Morter, Jr. Zen Bodytherapy is a synthesis of Eastern and Western beliefs and treatment modalities. Leigh was a successful businessman and community leader; yet he felt he lacked inner purpose. After much searching, Leigh felt he needed a new life with a goal of serving.

He began teaching and taking some of the programs at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur. As part of residency training, Leigh had to go through 10 sessions of Rolfing. Afterward, Leigh knew how he would serve his fellow man. Leigh is the only person in the world to be trained and certified to teach by both Ida Rolf and Moshe Feldenkrais. After an initially rocky start with both Rolf and Feldenkrais, Leigh trained with them for 12 and 10 years respectively.

He has also studied with Dr. This was a system of soft tissue work, joint manipulation and nervous system reprogramming. For basic alignment, structural integration was used. Joint manipulation was performed when needed. United States; the western www. Call Now : Live comfortably in your dream home. A healthy home with indoor air quality for you A healthy home with indoor air quality for you and your loved ones. Offering top quality services at very affordable prices and we'll never let you down.

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A body that is well vertically aligned within its field has to exert far less effort of its postural muscles and reflexes. Not having to fight gravity to stand vertically helps free us to be just what we are. During the ten sessions the natural form of the body is released from pain, aberrations and discomfort caused by physical, psychological and chemical trauma.

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This is achieved through deep manual pressure which helps release and rejuvenate the tissues. As the connective tissues release, more space and possibilities for the natural flow of movement occur in the body. The connective tissue and the vital organs then get a better supply of blood, lymph and nerve energy which automatically improves function. In this aspect of the work Dr.

The lessons consist of infinitesimally small, slow mindful movements that are designed to fill the gaps in bodily awareness.

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The gaps in our bodily awareness are the parts of the body that we cannot feel, and what we cannot feel we have no control over. The parts we have no control over are the parts we lose; to pain, stiffness, numbness and self-limitation. The lessons teach the nervous system new possibilities for movement. It is the nervous system that instructs the movement of muscles and the muscles then move the bones.

Energy The energy work in Zen-bodytherapy is constant throughout each session. This takes a lot of work and participation from both parties.

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In the work the cultivation of vital energy and self-development are inseparable. One of the ways that the practitioner can begin cultivating their vital energy is through meditation. When meditation is done regularly it begins to bear certain fruits, one of which is an increase in vital energy.

If we rely solely on our own source of energy when doing bodywork, there tends to be a burn-out in practitioners. Strong vital energy flow gets better, deeper results. Practitioners are taught when working, to keep their feet on the ground, their backs straight and to come from the pelvis and hara where the physical and energetic power resides. This helps the practitioner to maintain awareness of movements in their own energy field and that of the clients. In this way, the quality, quantity and duration of contact can be shifted to a level that is appropriate to each moment.

The Practice The people who seem to get the most from the work are the people who are ready for change and able to be actively engaged in its process.

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A case in point is a young woman in her early thirties who complained that her pelvis felt off-balance and of chronic tightness in her back, which was causing tiredness, and loss of energy. She also complained of occasional bouts of depression. As everything in the body is attached to everything else, if one small thing becomes abberated then the whole body has to compensate.