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Language: English Copyright: Charter schools are the most significant educational experiment in the last two decades. InExpect Miracles, Peter W. Cookson, Jr. As underscored by the emergence of the Los Angeles school of contemporary urban studies, the Southern California experienceits popular culture, Charters are a source of fundamental importance for medieval history, and royal charters are of especial importance. This edition publishes This book will present a comprehensive examination of the latest school reform effort, the charter school movement. For anyone seriously Please note that the Lexile measures for a small population of books have been recently updated.

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Enhancements were made to more precisely measure materials read in K-2 classrooms. Although the vast majority of books that have Lexile measures did not change, a small subset of books required updated Lexile measures. Many products and services offer Lexile measures for their books and reading materials.

Charter Schools: A Report on Rethinking the Federal Role in Education

We are working with the hundreds of companies that partner with us to transition them to the more precise Lexile measures. Our work in this area focuses on the governance, management and performance of charter schools. Studies include research in schools and charter management organizations, as well as how charter school authorizers carry out their responsibilities in approving, monitoring and renewing or revoking charter school petitions.

CEG also has examined the issue of charter school performance and accountability. August to present In the spring of each year, we release an annual report on the performance of charter schools in California. The report assesses performance in terms of both academic and financial measures. Beginning with the third annual report, data are reported for individual charter schools, as well as statewide with comparisons of charter and non-charter public schools.

USC School Performance Dashboard was launched to the public, allowing users to compare the performance of individual charter schools over time and groups of charters to one another. The USC School Performance Dashboard offers a comprehensive, online database that rates every charter school in California on 12 indicators of performance.

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Siart, Trustee, University of Southern California. The Center on Educational Governance is working to develop performance indicators for charter schools in Louisiana. The indicators are currently under development, in cooperation with state and local stakeholders, and will be piloted in with charter schools in New Orleans.

December — Present The Center on Educational Governance has developed online stakeholder satisfaction surveys to assist schools in assessing their performance and in benchmarking their performance against other similar schools. The three surveys, which are available on a fee-for-service basis, assess performance from the perspectives of parents, students and staff. Survey results are useful as a school management and accountability tool.

The results also offer useful information for the school accreditation and the charter school renewal processes. Department of Education to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of charter schools. The evaluation has four core objectives: 1 describe the characteristics and conditions of the charter school movement nationwide2 document contributions and the impact of the federal role in supporting charter schools; 3 understand policy conditions, management structures, and instructional practices associated with successful versus unsuccessful charter schools; and 4 describe achievement results for charter schools and students nationally.

To achieve these objectives, CEG is conducting a comprehensive, systematic review of the charter school research literature over the last decade from The study aimed to include all CMOs nationwide that operate at least 3 school campuses and have established plans to scale-up in the future about 35 CMOs. Study methods included in-depth interviews with the CMO founder s and other members of the administrative team interviews per CMO. October — September Emerging research suggests that most charter schools that fail are forced to close for non-academic reasons, most often because of organizational mismanagement and financial difficulties.

The National Resource Center on Charter School Finance and Governance provides an array of information to help policy makers, charter school authorizers and operators build and support high-performing charter schools. The NRC Web site contains an information clearinghouse; promising practices related to finance and governance; state policy guides; and tools and resources to help the charter school community assess the financial strength and governance capacity of charter schools.

Each promising practice profile provides information about the implementation and impact of the strategy. Promising practice profiles are in two areas: educational reform and school governance. The goal of the compendium is to offer evidence-based strategies for improving the quality and sustainability of all public schools, both charter and district-run.

Please click here to access the Compendium of Promising Practices. October — December In this national study, the Center on Educational Governance conducted site visits to 22 charter schools in a sample of 11 states to examine how new-start charter schools use public-private partnerships to enhance capacity. Charter schools in the study partnered with a wide variety of public organizations, nonprofit groups, and for-profit businesses to enhance everything from their facilities to the curriculum and after-school services offered to students.

The study also examined the factors that motivated organizations to develop strategic alliances, and the conditions that supported or impeded such alliances. September — August The purpose of the Pockets of Excellence study was to identify Los Angeles Unified School District schools that showed improvement over a two-year period in reading, and to map out their successful literacy programs and the organizational and management strategies that supported them.

The purposeful sample included two district-run schools, two site-based managed schools and two charter schools. September — March This study examined the implementation and impact of innovations aimed at improving elementary school reading instruction in six Los Angeles-area charter schools. Innovations in management structures, such as decision-making teams and school-based councils, and in organizational processes, such as novel professional development and parent involvement, were examined.

Results of the study provide information useful to both charter and non-charter schools in their attempts to improve student learning and achievement in the area of reading. December — The Center on Educational Governance collaborated with WestEd on the evaluation of 14 Los Angeles area charter schools, 5 of which were up for renewal.

Effectiveness of Cyber Charter Schools: A Review of Research on Learnings

Study methods included comparing student achievement at charter schools to achievement at similar non-charter public schools. Organizational and management strategies were also examined. May — March This study investigated the early stages of charter school development in three states — California, Massachusetts and Minnesota.

Using focus groups in each state, founders and directors from a total of seventeen charter schools were brought together to consider issues around leadership and the creation of learning communities —faculty recruitment and staffing, professional development, and school committees and grade-level teams. Brewer, D. An international perspective on publicly-financed, privately- operated schools , in Mark Berends ed.

Farrell, C.

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Scaling up charter management organizations eight key lessons for success. Smith, J. Family engagement in education, seven principles for success. Gill, B. Rhetoric versus reality: What we know and what we need to know about vouchers and charter schools MR Under new management: Are charter schools making the most of new governance options? Lake Ed. Wohlstetter, P. Charter school partnerships: 8 key lessons for success. Ziebarth, T. Hill Eds.

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    Charter school operations and performance: Evidence from California MR Charter schools in California: A bruising campaign for public school choice. Vergari Ed.

    Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press. Journal of School Choice, 5 4 , How funding shapes the growth of charter management organizations: Is the tail wagging the dog? Journal of Education Finance, 37 2 , Parent involvement in urban charter schools: New strategies for increasing participation.