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For produced oilfield emulsions, crude oil is seldom produced alone because it generally is commingled with water. The water creates several problems in almost all phases of oil production and processing and usually increases the unit cost of oil production.


Paraffin wax is a white, odourless solid and its deposition can cause a multitude of operational challenges including reduction of the internal diameter of pipelines which can ultimately block flow, increased surface roughness on the pipe wall which causes reduced throughput, and disposal problems. Our research is focussed on the characterisation and control of interfacial structures that are formed by the native components of crude oil.

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This can help solve the issues caused by aspahltenes, emulsions and wax, as these structures lead to a greater insight to address flow assurance issues. These complex systems are studied using a range of analytical and purpose built techniques to fully characterise and identify key components or fractions that govern behaviours in the bulk and at the interface. New chemicals to control unwanted behaviours are also explored.

Waxes in asphaltenes of crude oils and wax deposits

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    Chapter 9: Wax Physical Properties | Engineering

    More options. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index. Contents Part 1 Well planning: planning process-- casing and wellhead design-- primary cementing-- drilling fluids-- well control-- drill-bit selection-- parameters and hydraulics-- directional planning-- logging-- drilling problem avoidance-- safety and environmental considerations-- quality control-- rig and personnel selection.


    Part 2 Practical wellsite operations: casing-- cementing-- drilling fluids-- well control-- drill bits-- directional drilling-- drilling problem avoidance-- fishing-- safety and environment-- quality control. Contents: Petroleum companies and emulsions Forces involved in macroscopic physical behavior of emulsions Oil and water emulsion breakers Petroleum companies and waxes Chemical surfaces Wax crystal order and temperature Wax: physical properties and quantum effects Ashaltenes and crude oil Ashaltenes: bulk behavior and testing methods Physical properties of treating chemicals Appendices.

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