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The show comes midway through his writing of The Beatles: All These Years, a magnum opus aiming to tell the whole story in its definitive version. The first volume, Tune In , was published six years ago, its mammoth ,word narrative ending just before their first hit. This two-hour show is a way of buying the time for him to dive back into the project. For 30 years, Lewisohn has been the man to call when you needed to know what any of the Fab Four was doing on almost any day of their lives, and with whom they were doing it.

His books include a history of their sessions at what were then known as the EMI Recording Studios in Abbey Road, and he worked on the vast Anthology project in the 90s. His presentation, called Double Lives, juxtaposed the making of the album and the lives they were leading as individuals outside the studio. John also took Yoko and their two children, Kyoko and Julian, on a sentimental road trip to childhood haunts in Liverpool, Wales and the north of Scotland, ending when he drove their Austin Maxi into a ditch while trying to avoid another car.

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I was actually trying, in my mind, to save our future. They had this uncanny ability to leave their problems at the studio door — not entirely, but almost. In fact, Abbey Road was not the only recording location for the album: earlier sessions were held at Olympic in Barnes and Trident in Soho. The show, Lewisohn believes, is the first time an album has been treated to this format.

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Certainly, no one who sees this show will ever hear Abbey Road in the same way again. Her father, Lee, was a lawyer also. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Electric Shock. Peter Doggett. Understanding Popular Music Culture. Roy Shuker. Tell Me Why. Frank Zappa and the And. Paul Carr.

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New Critical Perspectives on the Beatles: Things We Said Today

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Things We Said Today

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