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Download Nitric Oxide Protocols 2Nd Ed (Methods In Molecular Biology Vol 279)

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Nitric Oxide Protocols 2nd Ed (Methods in Molecular Biology Vol ) - PDF Free Download

Selective and sensitive visualization of endogenous nitric oxide in living cells and animals by a Si-rhodamine deoxylactam-based near-infrared fluorescent probe. Chemical Science , 8 10 , Encapsulation of a nitric oxide donor into a liposome to boost the enhanced permeation and retention EPR effect. MedChemComm , 8 2 , Cytomics of Oxidative Stress: Probes and Problems. Aromatic primary monoamine-based fast-response and highly specific fluorescent probes for imaging the biological signaling molecule nitric oxide in living cells and organisms. B , 5 13 , Hollow double-layered polymer nanoparticles with S-nitrosothiols for tumor targeted therapy.

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Series: Methods in Enzymology

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Volume 636. Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy - Integrated Methods Part B

Journal of Functional Foods , 22 , A novel nonenzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensor based on electrospun nitrogen-doped carbon nanoparticles-embedded carbon nanofibers film. Lee, Walid Soussou, Scott R.

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Nature Communications , 7 , Ana T. Ramos, Jose F.