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Police Mission. What is the best management style for the police?

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Police Mission discusses the values and norms inherent in the American police mission, and examines how police respond to challenges that arise while attempting to uphold this mission. It reveals that the way officers are being trained in ethics and human relations are not effective as they could be, and argues that policing has to move towards a greater emphasis on human values, moral sensitivity, and discerning judgment.

Legal Restrictions and Challenges for Police and Law Enforcement Authorities

A large number of themes ranging from personnel management, occupational culture, and innovative experiments in US policing techniques are examined. Several organizational theories as well as examples of international policing efforts from England to Japan are also analyzed. Oct 9, Commentary. Police forces have often been charged with corruption and misuse of force.

In addition to this, the police lacked the necessary equipment to carry out their duties, had to deal with poor infrastructure, and there was a lack of coordination with two separate police forces Administration police and Regular Police. The push for multiparty democracy in the early s brought greater pressure for police reform in the country.

There was a need to transform the police into a more modern service, in line with international standards of policing. This however was not realized until after a change of government, with the National Coalition for Reforms and Democracy NARC winning the elections. In , the government established the Task Force on Police Reforms, the first time such an extensive reform process specifically targeting the police had been started by the government.

The task force proposed a number of recommendations including the development of a public relations campaign and the implementation of organizational reforms and institutional restructuring.

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The aftermath of the elections was the turning point of the national police reform agenda. The taskforce came up with over recommendations. The Ransley report recommendations provided a blueprint for police reforms and were adopted in the formulation of the constitution.

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The promulgation of the constitution introduced significant changes in the policy, legislation and institutional structures towards police reform and significantly enhances police accountability. Some of the key changes included: the establishment of the National Police Service NPS , that merged the Kenya Police and the Administration Police under one command which was the newly created office of the Inspector General; the National Police Service Commission NPSC tasked with developing training policies, advising on salaries and remuneration of the members of the Service, overseeing recruitment and disciplinary matters and the vetting of the members of the National Police Service, : and the establishment of a specific body mandated to deal with complaints against the NPS.

Despite some initial progress, the reform process still faces several challenges. Organizational reforms, including administrative merger and vetting, have had limited impact.

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Corruption and a lack of political reform are key obstacles to the current reform process. The merger of the Administration Police AP and the Kenya Police has only partially succeeded due to resistance within the Administration Police, who felt that a merger was not in their best interests as they would see their role limited post-integration process and under unified command. The vetting of police officers by the NPSC, a process that is central in the reform agenda, has been very slow; a cause of concern for many Civil Society Organizations CSOs , government and the police as well.

The process was scheduled to end by August and is already behind schedule.