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Postharvest Handling Manual. Commercialization of Alternative Crops Project. This tank for washing produce is made from galvanized sheet metal. A baffle made of perforated sheet metal is positioned near the drain pipe and helps to circulate water through the produce. Fresh water is added under pressure through a perforated pipe, which helps move floating produce toward the drain end of the tank for removal after cleaning.

Small-Scale Postharvest Handling Practices

A Training Manual. Chlorination of wash water is very important. Chlorine can reduce the spread of contamination form one item to another during the washing stage. The pH of the wash water should be maintained at 6.

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Typically 1 to 2 mls of chlorine bleach per liter of clean water will provide to ppm total Cl. More chlorine will be required if temperatures are high or if there is a lot of organic matter in the wash water. The waxing device illustrated here is designed to be used after a series of dry brushes on a conveyor line.

Industrial wool felt is used to distribute the liquid wax to the fruits or vegetables from a trough made the same width as the belt. Evaporation of wax from the felt is reduced by covering the felt with a layer of heavy polyethylene sheeting. Source: Martin, D and Miezitis, E.

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A wipe-on device for the application of materials to butts. Field Station Record Volume 3 No. The table illustrated below is a combination sorting and packing stand. Incoming produce is placed in the sorting bin, sorted by one worker into the packing bin, and finally packed by a second worker.

Value Chain Management and Postharvest Handling: Partners in Competitiveness

If workers must stand to sort produce, a firm rubber pad for the floor can help reduce fatigue. Source: FAO. The surface of the portable sorting table illustrated below is constructed from canvas and has a radius of about 1 meter about 3 feet. The edges are lined with a thin layer of foam to protect produce from bruising during sorting, and the slope from the center toward the sorter is set at 10 degrees.

Postharvest Handling

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Postharvest Handling A Systems Approach

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