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You know that was often the most joyful part of the film was the hockey camp. He really got good. I think also Matt Doherty got pretty good at puck handling and Josh and Elden as well. They just got so big, they could really do a lot more than I could by the third film. I think I paid mightily for being the tallest one on the first film and then I stayed short and everybody else got big, and ooh, boy! When the cast and crew assembled in Minnesota, they encountered a few problems — none of them particularly surprising for a production involving many first-time actors and locations where subzero temperatures were the norm.

And I was waiting. One of the young actors was being a little bit of a bully to some of the other kids. There was a lot of attitude and there were problems on the ice.

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We tried to have the meetings with all the parents and guardians once a week, twice a week, three times a week depending. You can just go back to your hotel. The production will already have your return plane tickets there, and we will make adjustments. And we took one of our other kids from a much smaller role and moved him into that role. And he just was terrific. It was the Adam Banks character. It was kind of strange. Definitely a life-changing event. I was cast along with two other Hawks: Larson and McGill. Their names are like burned in my memory.

I remember seeing my Polaroid on the wall with just three names slashed beneath it. Then the young kid that they had hired to do Adam Banks, he was let go, and they asked me if I would audition while I was already there in Minneapolis, and so I did. Brill, Kerner and Co. We have cold. Humans should not live in this shit.

Only Scandinavians would have ever stopped in this place to make a city.

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So yeah, it was extremely jarring. I mean extremely jarring and dangerous. This is terrible!

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And when they kissed, their lips stuck together. We had to get makeup to grab warm water and put droplets on their lips so they could actually separate. It was so insane, it was almost comedic. We shot in maybe 20 arenas while we were there and they probably had 80 or arenas in total. So the bill was something that created both new rinks and more coaches to help girls want to develop and become hockey players. So in Minnesota to this day girls all play hockey. And that was because of The Mighty Ducks.

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It was really great being in a smaller city that was crazy about what you were doing. I ended up building a home in Minnesota, and my wife and I were married there. Despite the freezing temperatures, inexperienced cast and unenthusiastic reviews, the production turned out to be a success.

Mostly because it was such an innocent time in my life as well. I was 13 years old. I had no idea what I was doing. I just really have very, very fond memories of the whole experience. This movie was off the radar.

It was a small movie. The movie was not a huge hit its first weekend. There was an agenda at work which I was not privy to.

I was just optimistic and a cheerleader on the side about whether we were going to do another one. The second one came out of Eisner knowing he was going to buy a hockey team and seeing the cross-promotional and synergistic possibilities. So it was sort of the weird, unknown territory of being a promotional tool and at the same time a movie.

And some people were cynical about it, but it worked very organically I felt. And we want your designers, to create a new logo. And we did it. And they had this idea of a Jason mask, and we had the idea of crossing bones behind it as the sticks. It was a little more graphic than the image that we ended up with. They decided it was a little too gruesome and we needed to use the sticks.

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And we all loved the Jason mask, and we did a version of the uniforms with all that on it in the District 5 colors: the green, gold and purple. They got away with it. But these are not hockey colors. He was wonderful to us. Steve and I had the greatest time with him.

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We called him Papa Duck, and he and his wife, Jane, would come out, and Michael would get on the ice. He was always there as a fan and supporter and he was a huge reason we made these three movies. This is not the president of the studio. This is the chairman of Disney Corp! And I had everybody in the room when he said that to me. And when he said that, we lost. And they became the colors of the team.

Addams Family Reunion: the sequel that time forgot

Basically we were very interested in Anaheim. Bruce McNall, who was owner of the Kings decided that it would be a good idea for Southern California to have a second hockey team. He called me up and said would Disney be interested in having a hockey team. I said no about four times. We would. And the night before I got on the plane, we talked about what were we going to call it.

So I had our costume department make a Mighty Ducks logo, which I think at that time was very similar to The Mighty Ducks movie logos, although we changed the logo and made it, you know — upgraded somewhat for hockey. And I showed up at the owners meeting with a sweatshirt on saying the Mighty Ducks.

Nobody knew that. MOREAU : When we finished the first one, I think there was a collective feeling of having made something really special, and we were so excited to see it. But in terms of how big it got once an NHL hockey team was named after the Ducks — I mean we were running around like pinching ourselves like every day was Christmas. It was also my home team because I lived in Orange County, so I felt particularly proud of that development.

Because crazy, awesome things can happen. BRILL : There were a few kids we wanted to bring along for Ducks 2 , but I wanted it to be this great idea of finding the best kids from around the country and then melding them with the Mighty Ducks. And there were always core ones that I wrote and I knew they were going to come: Averman, Goldberg, Guy Germaine, Fulton, a few others and, of course, Charlie.

That was plenty for the core of a team and we could then surround them with the five others we brought in, and that felt like a good team. They were all wonderful kids. So it was never going to be my option, whether I got brought back or not. I do seem to remember that the second director was kind of keen to recast me, but I managed to survive him. It would have been weird to recast and keep that role played by somebody else.

That would have been an odd thing to do. As a movie move it felt right because there was precedent for it. And there is a realistic world of the traveling hockey team and, and that would conceivably represent the flight of play on a much larger stage.

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I thought that was reasonable and that our team was the best in Minnesota.