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Honoured for his leadership and influence in the work-life debate, both as a patron of Parents At Work and Working Families, and for his championing of older workers at the Employers Forum on Age. The organisation attracted him then, with its balance of strong advocacy and practical help. He became a patron, and has been involved ever since, as the organisation evolved into Parents at Work and then Working Families. Honoured for championing equality between men and women at home and at work, and for his visionary campaigning for fathers. Duncan Fisher is a social entrepreneur and expert in founding and developing new organisations.

He is now developing a number of programmes around maternity services, work-life balance and relationship support, all focusing on the role of fathers. Previously, Duncan served on the Board of the Equal Opportunities Commission, working particularly on issues relating to unequally shared caring roles between women and men.

Duncan is the father of two young daughters who scrutinise and declare any emerging difference between the ideals he speaks about and domestic reality! Honoured for putting work-life balance and family-friendly employment practices onto the National agenda and developing practical action at The Industrial Society, the EOC and the National Work-Life Forum. The experience, policies and practice in other EU countries was significant in influencing the situation in the UK.

She went on to integrate the work-life balance issues into leadership training and into the organisations where she subsequently worked. Both organisations are acutely aware of the advantages of supporting their employees as they try to balance their working lives with their personal and family lives. She is also a leadership coach where the issues continue to loom large. Joanna is herself still struggling with the work-life balance issue and how best to organise her diary in order to leave enough time to be with her two granddaughters.

Charles Handy is a writer who specialises in organisational behaviour and management. His main concern is the implication for society of the dramatic changes which technology, demography and economics are bringing to the workplace and to all our lives. He has been rated among the Thinkers 50, the most influential living management thinkers. He co-founded the London Business School in and in he left Shell to become a full Professor at the School, specialising in managerial psychology.

From to , Handy worked at a study centre in Windsor Castle looking at ethics and values in society. Honoured for her committed campaigning for gender equality and also for her personal support in the early days for New Ways to Work and the Working Mothers Association. Since becoming Minister for Women in July , Harriet has made it a Government priority to support families as they earn a living while caring for children and older or disabled relatives. Since then numerous measures have been announced, including extended flexible working rights, more childcare and early years education, support for families who care for older or disabled relatives, money and support for women to set up their own business, and a tough new Equality Bill which will increase transparency in the workplace so women can see if they are being paid fairly.

Harriet was first elected as an MP in , when Parliament was 97 per cent male. Honoured for her campaigning work as a leading private sector employer for tax deductions on childcare and for Childcare Vouchers. Over the next 11 years she was a leading supporter and sponsor of the voluntary sector, helping both childcare and carer lobbies to promote the needs of working families and raising awareness among political parties towards finally achieving the tax exemption in She also developed the first Employer funded help line for working parents, Familylife Solutions.

Sue has now retired from corporate life and in her spare time is an informal Mentor for individuals and small businesses. An Australian by birth, Patricia Hewitt is married and has two children.

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Margaret Hodge became an MP in and was appointed to Government in She is a former Chair of the Fabian Executive Committee. Honoured for her tireless work on gender equality, not least in the early days of Opportunity and at the EOC.

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Elspeth Howe is a Crossbench member of the House of Lords, appointed in She is married to Lord Howe of Aberavon and they have three children. Theresa May was elected Member of Parliament for Maidenhead in May and has been living and campaigning in the constituency since then on a range of issues including over-development and trains. Having worked in the City before becoming an MP, Theresa has experience of life outside Westminster and understands the demands that a busy career places on women.

She has been involved in politics at all levels for many years, starting out stuffing envelopes at her local Conservative Association before going on to be a Councillor in the London Borough of Merton from to This breadth of experience has allowed her to bring unique knowledge and insight to her role as Shadow Minister for Women which she has held since July Jo Morris has campaigned and developed policy on working time organisation for more than 30 years.

She has led social partnership implementation programmes in the public and private sectors. She first worked with Working Families in the s when developing local authority job share policies. Jo left the TUC in December and now works as an independent researcher and policy adviser.

Work-life balance is an unhealthy myth

Jo is a Visiting Fellow at Warwick University. Honoured for her influential championing of work-life issues, gender equality and quality part-time work, within the trades union movement, the EOC and at the Women and Work Commission. Rhona Rapoport — 29th January — 24th November Honoured for her sustained and influential research and new thinking in the field of work and family life. Rhona Rapoport is a thought innovator whose work spans over 60 years and generates a better understanding for the work, life, gender, equity and diversity dilemmas of our time. Rhona also developed a training program on organisational change and work-family issues for advancing diverse groups in South Africa.

For over twenty years, she was an international consultant to the Ford Foundation working on affirmative action research programmes and on work and family issues in the USA and in developing countries. She currently works as a part-time freelance consultant in the hope that others will continue this work. Honoured for his challenging writings around work and life issues, and for creating a climate for open discussions about being a working father. Richard Reeves is Director of Demos. He is the author of several books, including a biography of John Stuart Mill and several books on work-life balance and wellbeing, and a regular contributor to the New Statesman Magazine, Guardian, Observer and Prospect, as well as national radio and television.

Honoured for hislongstanding and influential championing of diversity for all in many challenging work sectors, including retail, manufacturing and the Department of eHealHealth. Surinder Sharma is National Director for Equality and Human Rights at the Department of Health and has worked in the diversity field for over 30 years.

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Surinder began his career with the Commission for Racial Equality in In Susan Smith set up the computer training company ZAPP Computers, which provides one-to-one on-site training to micro-businesses and individuals. Since then the organisation has helped over 1, people communicate better with their computers. Susan feels that working for oneself is probably the ultimate goal in work-life balance.

Susan also employed her husband and two sons, taking the concept of a Working Family literally. The group inspired and assisted other groups to establish themselves, and this led directly to the foundation of the Working Mothers Association, of which she was a founder member and first Treasurer. From to she managed the ACE National partnership, which developed and tested support in and into work for carers.

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ACE was instrumental in establishing Employers for Carers, then an interest group lobbying for better awareness, now a membership platform for employers committed to developing and promoting workplace support for carers. This is a passion for Madeleine, who, like so many people with caring responsibilities, had a period out of work to care and faced significant barriers to returning. Her research focuses on workplace practice, culture and change in different social policy contexts.

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She has led many national and international research projects on these topics and is currently directing a European Union funded eight-country study on gender, parenthood and well-being in changing European workplaces. Cooper She has advised governments and worked with employers and policy makers in Britain, the USA and Japan, undertaking consultancy and research on work-life issues.

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Rhona Rapoport was director of the Institute of Family and Environmental Research from until its closure at the beginning of A major concern in her work is the issue of equity between men and women. She has collaborated with action research projects in the USA and the UK as well as with a training programme on organisational change and work-family issues for advancing diverse groups in South Africa.

She has published extensively over the past 50 years, often with her husband Robert. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username.

Skip to Main Content. First published: 1 January Some feel that worrying about a lack of time or energy for family relationships or friendships is a luxury or secondary issue when compared with economic growth or development. In the business world and among many Governments around the world, the importance of paid work and the primacy of economic competitiveness, whatever the personal costs, is almost accepted wisdom.

Profits and short term efficiency gains are often placed before social issues of care or human dignity. Reviews "