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Garroni - M. Palombaro Multiscale Model. Interfacial energies of systems of chiral molecules A. Braides - L. Kreutz Atti Accad. Lincei Rend. Lincei Mat. Optimal bounds for periodic mixtures of nearest-neighbour ferromagnetic interactions A.


Cicalese - N. Yip J. Kreutz Preprint Optimal design of mixtures of ferromagnetic interactions A. Cicalese - M. Ruf Preprint Continuum limit and stochastic homogenization of discrete ferromagnetic thin films A. Cicalese - F. Q-tensor continuum energies as limits of head-to-tail symmetric spins systems A.

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Defranceschi - E. Vitali Netw. Media Variational evolution of one-dimensional Lennard-Jones systems A. Braides J. An example of non-existence of plane-like minimizers for an almost-periodic Ising system A. Piatnitski J. Homogenization of surface and length energies for spin systems A. Solci Boll.

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Unione Mat. Multi-scale free-discontinuity problems with soft inclusions A.

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Braides - G. Scilla C. Paris Nucleation and backward motion of discrete interfaces A. Scilla Interfaces Free Bound. Motion of discrete interfaces in periodic media A. Scilla Nucleation and backward motion of discrete interfaces C. Paris, , A. Braides, A. Defranceschi and E. Media A. Solci, Multi-scale free-discontinuity problems with soft inclusions.

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IX , 6 , A. Variational problems with percolation: dilute spin systems at zero temperature J. Causin and M.

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Braides and N. SIAM J. A compactness result for a second-order variational discrete model M2AN 46 , A. Piatnitski Homogenization of surface and length energies for spin systems. Interfacial energies on Penrose lattices. M3AS, 21 , A. Braides and C. Braides and L. Models of defects in atomistic systems. Braides, M. Gelli, and M. Motion and pinning of discrete interfaces. Briane, and J. Casado Diaz.

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Homogenization of non-uniformly bounded periodic diffusion energies in dimension two. Nonlinearity 22 , A. Riey, and M. Homogenization of Penrose tilings. I , A. Braides - C. Maslennikov, and L. Homogenization by blow-up. Applicable Anal.

Alicandro - A. Cicalese Continuum limits of discrete thin films with superlinear growth densities Calc. Asymptotic analysis of periodically-perforated nonlinear media at and close to the critical exponent. Paris , Truskinovsky Asymptotic expansions by Gamma-convergence Cont. Braides and V. Chiado' Piat Non convex homogenization problems for singular structures Network and Heterogenous Media 3 , A. Overall properties of a discrete membrane with randomly distributed defects Arch. Solci - E. Vitali A derivation of linear elastic energies from pair-interaction atomistic systems Network and Heterogenous Media 2 , A.

Chambolle - M. Zeppieri A note on equi-integrability in dimension reduction problems Calc.

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Partial Differential Equations 29 , A. Surface energies in nonconvex discrete systems. M3AS 17 R. Alicandro, A. Cicalese Phase and anti-phase boundaries in binary discrete systems: a variational viewpoint. Media 1 , no. Convex analysis and variational problems. Variational problems in materials science. Convex Analysis and Variational Problems. Variational Problems in Materials Science. An introduction to nonlinear boundary value problems.

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Mathematical problems of control theory: an introduction. Finite-dimensional Variational Inequalities and Complementarity Problems. An introduction to variational inequalities and their applications. Branching solutions to one-dimensional variational problems. Variational Problems in Materials Science: Sissa Topological methods for variational problems with symmetries.

Differential equations, chaos and variational problems. Variational methods for strongly indefinite problems.